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FXU VIBE is a unique NZ award winning exercise studio based in Upper Hutt, Wellington, offering fun fast and functional fitness training using Power Plate machines.

From the humble beginnings of working out of a tiny room at a local pool complex, to now having a thriving bespoke studio with six Power Plate pro5 machines, two Personal Power Plate machines, and staffed by several exceptional trainers, FXU VIBE has come a long way.

Monique Ballinger started FXU VIBE after literally having a dream to get a “vibe” machine. The dream evolved into an action plan that brought together Monique’s personal training and life coaching skills. The result is a unique environment designed for all ages and all abilities to reclaim “body, mind and soul”. The drawcard for Monique in investing in a business using vibration technology was the fact that the results that people were experiencing were real and life-changing – particularly people with medical pathologies, debilitating conditions, and mobility challenges.


Genevieve at FXU VIBE
genevieve on Power Plate


The concept of focusing on rehabilitation services was born the day Genevieve arrived at the studio in her wheelchair. Genevieve was FXU VIBE’s first client who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. Genevieve had not walked since her twenties and had been told by her doctors that she would probably never walk again. After three months of supervised Power Plate training at FXU VIBE, Genevieve walked unaided!


This was the first time Genevieve’s husband had EVER seen her walk.



Undeniably, an incredible outcome.

FXU VIBE is now an accredited provider for Cerebral Palsy New Zealand. Through this non-profit organisation limited funding can be provided to qualifying individuals for approved therapy solutions, such as training at FXU VIBE.


Monique Ballinger FXU VIBE Exercise Industry Awards 2018

Success stories are not limited to Cerebral Palsy clients. In 2018 FXU VIBE was a finalist and winner in the NZ Exercise Association Community Contribution Awards, for the supportive and succesful rehabilitative work done within their local community.


Monique’s passionate outlook for her clients is to provide “hope to all”, with a focus not only on people with mobility or medical issues, but for everyone. FXU VIBE also offers fun fast functional fitness training using Power Plate machines, including the very popular “biggest loser” weight loss challenges for people in the general population looking for time-saving effective exercise options.

Of the many Power Plate models available, Monique has chosen to use the Power Plate pro5 within her studio, where the wide base and column with handles provide support and versatility. FXU VIBE is also considering mobile sevices, and for this the Personal Power Plate is extremely effective since it weighs only 16kg so can be easily transported. Monique also takes it with her for demonstration purposes when she is out in the community promoting FXU VIBE’s services.

Monique also sees huge potential in the application of Power Plate training within the retirement sector. For many, conventional exercise is not a viable option, yet maintaining muscle mass, bone density and circulation remains crucial. This is where there is no better solution than Power Plate training since it can be adapted to be performed by anybody. Monique is building up a video portfolio of evidence-based success stories of what she believes provide game-changing examples of how vibration training can be the catalyst to transforming the lives of many.



For similarly passionate people with an exercise background who are serious about making a difference in people’s lives, Monique’s best advice is to invest in Power Plate equipment. “It is the most rewarding thing you could ever do”.

While there is no “magic bullet” for achieving optimum health or fitness, based on the results that Monique and her team at FXU VIBE witness every day, you could almost argue that Power Plate could be just that.

By Belinda Kropach.


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  1. BRIAN HOGAN says:

    My daughter Chloe has a TBI as a result of a car accident 12 years ago, and whilst she has made a significant recovery she still is unable to walk. We are always looking for a new way of progressing, and wondering if Power Plate could help. Whilst we live in Auckand we would come to your studio.

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