Recover quicker with Power Plate – my 3 favourite massages – by John Polley

Recover quicker with Power Plate – my 3 favourite massages – by John Polley

We love to ‘flush the system’ at my studio. Create blood flow, lymphatic flow, hydration of the tissues and generally nourish the body. Whilst there are many ways to use Power Plate to flush, or massage, different areas of the body, the most well used, and indeed client favourites, come down to three. The back, the pelvis and the calves. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, we have three major joints in our body that want to move; that should move. Often they don’t move well. These are the foot/ankle complex, the hip complex and the thoracic complex. Movement restriction here can often impact other areas like knees, low back and neck/shoulders. This has resonated with every group I’ve taught in the last 8 years.

What you’ll note is that each of these massages targets those complexes. So, secondly, let’s take a look at each one.


People are often surprised by this one. It’s putting vibration right through the spine and the rib cage, which many may feel isn’t ‘right’. Indeed, it feels mighty weird too, with the vibration going straight through your lungs making breathing feel just plain odd! However, if you can get past this ‘weirdness’ and your client has no contraindication of course, the ease of breath and space in the thoracic cavity feels wonderful. Whilst an ‘acquired taste’, our clients love the feeling afterwards, if not during!


Okay, this is a more common sight. Warning – please have an empty bladder before trying this one. It does create unexpected urges to pee! Okay, that aside, this flush is great for tight hips and stressed out souls with knots in their abdomens they don’t even know about. The freedom when they walk away from this one is indescribable.


Looks lovely doesn’t it? That’s because it is! This is probably the biggest favourite among our clients. You’ll see I have a sandbell on my calves. Any weight, including someone putting downward pressure on your shins, is superb and if I may say, incredibly pleasurable. Our lymphatic system starts at our feet but the first lymph nodes are behind the knees. This flush provides a welcome boost to the process and is so relaxing.


Okay, finally apart from the massive physical favour you’re doing for your clients, there’s a huge mental and emotional favour you can do too. With each of these flushes my instruction is “the more relaxed you are, the better this will work”. This is powerful. First, it’s true physically. Secondly, and arguably more importantly, you have just given your client permission to relax. They can’t be anywhere else and if this part of their session is to work best, they HAVE to relax. It may be their only chance to do this in their entire week. Imagine what this means. This is so much more than ‘a quick massage’. Happy flushing! JP

Power Plate – a glimpse of the future for every body – by John Polley

Power Plate – a glimpse of the future for every body – by John Polley

Recently I was lucky enough to present educational sessions at the New Zealand fitness conference, FitEx. With one of my specialisms being movement based therapy and training using the Anatomy Trains understanding of the body, it was hugely gratifying to see the rapid changes in delegates who came to the sessions. Look at the before and after with Riwai below, who said to me in all seriousness “my body just can’t do that”, whilst occupying a position that shows with the right approach, it does!



I was reminded how powerful vibration can be when looking for almost any outcome. What is sometimes lost is that Power Plate gives you what I call ‘a glimpse of the near future’. In other words, harmonic vibration creates a bigger response (the rapid reflex response) than we would otherwise get in the short time frame. However, that response is fully ‘ours’, it’s our own bodies reacting to a stimulus, only more. Hence, if change happens using Power Plate with my clients, which doesn’t usually happen for them, we both know they can get there with regular movement of this kind. Vibration has just shown proven that.

Therefore, you can imagine the response rate if the correct movements, are teamed up with the correct vibration strategy using Power Plate. Huge change, huge benefits and huge smiles! At this stage you may be wondering what we did with Riwai. Well, several things, but I want to show you two very powerful movements that create mobility WITH stability in our deep front line and superficial front line, to use Anatomy Trains terms. Check out the video below and note the following:
• Sumo reaches (the first exercises) should be performed with a tall spine and the reach should be from the inner hip of the same side arm as shown
• The ‘mountain climber’ style movement needs straight elbows and a straight back knee to ensure safety as well as the best response in the tissues up the front of the body.



These are particularly effective on tight or uncomfortable lumbar areas in my clients. Each movement enhances elasticity whilst creating stability. We therefore get to ‘keep’ the gains. Try them out and let me know what you think! JP