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Power Plate New Zealand has teamed up with Myzone to provide its user community with new remote home exercise experiences and the opportunity to offer rewards based on effort, every time they move.

Power Plate is embracing Myzone’s MZ-Switch technology and MZ-Remote platform to host classes live online, bringing big benefits to participants’ strength, endurance, circulation, mobility, bone health, fitness and weight loss goals.

“With the Power Plate community able to access MZ-Remote classes at home, this new Power Plate offering means that they can continue to get the most out of their vibration training workouts and heart-rate training, wherever and whenever they want to work out,” explains Mike Beeney, Myzone Director Asia Pacific. “It is the perfect way to increase motivation, participation, and maintain connection with a trainer and classmates while working out at home.

“Digital fitness is the fastest growing sector of our industry. People not only want to train where and when they choose, they still crave connection. MyZone’s MZ-Remote enables Power Plate users to reap the benefits of participating together with a global Power Plate community, to be encouraged by live remote coaching, and to be motivated by the heart-rate tracking and enhanced digital experience that guarantees better all-round engagement.”

Power Plate understands how combining physical and digital spaces reaches more of their home exercise community as part of a movement that continues to grow.

“With so many people adapting to find new ways of exercising during the pandemic, taking part in online classes such as MZ-Remote, going for daily walks, or exercising with their family, Power Plate recognises the importance of being able to track, monitor, and reward these workouts both at home, outdoors, and in the gym,” explains Erica Minter, regional director for Power Plate.

For a limited time Power Plate NZ will be offering a free MZ-Switch with every Power Plate MOVE purchased. Power Plate’s home exercise community will be able to get the Myzone class experience from any location, with full access to personal statistics and coaching and encouragement from their class instructors. By monitoring an individual’s progress, instructors can provide valuable feedback, keeping participants engaged for longer. Power Plate NZ Master Trainer Tamara Echave says:

“I am really excited to further strengthen our connection with our home users. MZ-Switch enables this by tracking and rewarding all forms of activity – be it walking the dog, playing on the beach with the kids or a 25-minute Power Plate class. This Myzone technology is enabling us to monitor, motivate, and connect, and at a time when most of us have been missing the human connection this is a great solution to maximise what our users can get out of their home exercise equipment!”


About Myzone

Myzone is a unique wearable fitness brand that rewards effort rather than ability, motivating its users to feel good about exercise and work harder. Myzone uses inclusive, game-based mechanics and social elements to build communities together on the Myzone app. Myzone creates personalised zones for each user, based on their maximum heart-rate, which means anyone can compete together on a level playing field.

Myzone develops accurate wearable technology, to provide engaging and motivational experiences, which support behaviour change to make exercise habits stick. Myzone is used by 1.8 million people and already represented in over 7500 facilities in 84 countries.

The most accurate calorie cruncher on the market – the chest strap boasts a heart rate accuracy of 99.4% ECG and the wrist watch a 95% PPG accuracy and in conjunction with personal body metrics, it ensures calorie-burning calculations are supremely accurate and personal to individuals in your community.

It praises like a PT – Unlike other activity monitors Myzone rewards effort not fitness, motivating everyone to work harder. Myzone recognises everyone is different, so it creates a handicap for every user, based on their maximum heart-rate, which effectively means members can compete with anyone on a level playing field.

It’s a multiplayer game – Myzone is massively addictive, challenging and motivating. Use the app to create competitions with friends or plot your progress on the leaderboard as Myzone turns effort into points, and then equates them to the World Health Organization’s guidelines for physical activity.

It’s Facebook for physical activity – Myzone has its own social media network. Use it to follow friends, analyse workouts, then ‘like’ or comment on their efforts to stay connected – whether you are competitive or love collecting those likes to keep you moving. Together we are stronger, with the unbeatable connected experience.



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