Mobile and Pain free … at 85 – by John Polley

Mobile and Pain free … at 85 – by John Polley

“The fella in the middle of this picture is my Dad. He turned 85 yesterday. Without Power Plate, he wouldn’t live mobile or pain free.

I know this because over the past 6-7 years his knees have been problematic. Although he was diagnosed with arthritis many years ago, my skills with myofascial movement therapy have kept him mobile and generally pain free until about two years ago. The magic of movement had been increasingly less effective and there was talk of surgery.

On my last trip to the UK in September, I arranged for the loan of a Personal Power Plate for the month I was visiting. I gave my Dad 5 one minute exercises to perform on it, 3 times a day. They were myofascial mobility movements for his feet and hips, which I identified were glued and creating pressure through his knees. The moves alone hadn’t been enough, but adding Power Plate vibration changed the game.

Within 1 week he was noticing more comfort. Two weeks in, a 50% reduction in discomfort, and some days where he was unaware of his knees at all. 6 months on, speaking with him yesterday on his 85th birthday, he said he’s “getting around fine” and still uses his Power Plate every day.

I stress again, the absolute magic of myofascial mobility which helps so many of my clients find new joy in movement, was no longer enough. The addition of vibration was the little extra that was needed for tissue change. I’m always in awe of what Power Plate brings to my clients and now, my precious family. My Dad can walk the dog, go shopping, mow his grass and watch football, pain free.

Not much to ask is it? Many don’t have this at 85. Dad does.”

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Power Plate – a glimpse of the future for every body – by John Polley

Power Plate – a glimpse of the future for every body – by John Polley

Recently I was lucky enough to present educational sessions at the New Zealand fitness conference, FitEx. With one of my specialisms being movement based therapy and training using the Anatomy Trains understanding of the body, it was hugely gratifying to see the rapid changes in delegates who came to the sessions. Look at the before and after with Riwai below, who said to me in all seriousness “my body just can’t do that”, whilst occupying a position that shows with the right approach, it does!



I was reminded how powerful vibration can be when looking for almost any outcome. What is sometimes lost is that Power Plate gives you what I call ‘a glimpse of the near future’. In other words, harmonic vibration creates a bigger response (the rapid reflex response) than we would otherwise get in the short time frame. However, that response is fully ‘ours’, it’s our own bodies reacting to a stimulus, only more. Hence, if change happens using Power Plate with my clients, which doesn’t usually happen for them, we both know they can get there with regular movement of this kind. Vibration has just shown proven that.

Therefore, you can imagine the response rate if the correct movements, are teamed up with the correct vibration strategy using Power Plate. Huge change, huge benefits and huge smiles! At this stage you may be wondering what we did with Riwai. Well, several things, but I want to show you two very powerful movements that create mobility WITH stability in our deep front line and superficial front line, to use Anatomy Trains terms. Check out the video below and note the following:
• Sumo reaches (the first exercises) should be performed with a tall spine and the reach should be from the inner hip of the same side arm as shown
• The ‘mountain climber’ style movement needs straight elbows and a straight back knee to ensure safety as well as the best response in the tissues up the front of the body.



These are particularly effective on tight or uncomfortable lumbar areas in my clients. Each movement enhances elasticity whilst creating stability. We therefore get to ‘keep’ the gains. Try them out and let me know what you think! JP