Power Plate® is versatile and multi-functional. One exerciser can use just one machine for their whole session, which might include PT, Small Group Training, or a self-led workout.  

Accelerated training leads to maximum outcomes in the shortest amount of time, enabling effective results for members, with reduced in-facility exposure. 

Shorter training times on one piece of equipment help you control member movement around your club, as well as allowing for more members to train in less time, maximising capacity limitations.


Utilising just one piece of equipment per member per visit significantly reduces the need for complicated cleaning routines and improves how confident and comfortable members will feel in your facility.

With minimum surface area exposure and a simple user interface, Power Plate doesn’t require a complicated cleaning procedure.

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Supporting your team with everything they need to work safely and effectively in your facility as well as connecting them with the members who choose to join from home will quickly rebuild your sense of community.

Programme design that delivers results plays a significant role in this, and Power Plate can help support you through its prechoreographed Small Group Training system.


Small Group Training



Selling Power Plate whole body and targeted vibration products to members for home use could generate an additional revenue stream as well as nurturing new hybrid in-club and at-home membership models.

Getting your busness and brand back to full strength requires looking at different approaches to meeting the new needs of your members and market at large.

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