Keeping exercise short and sweet during menopause

Power Plate women's wellness

Along with changes in oestrogen levels during menopause, growth hormone (hGH) levels drop. hGH is the “Youth Hormone” and it influences metabolism, cell repair and growth, amount of muscle, energy levels, bone strength, brain function, sexual function, organ health, condition of nails, hair, skin, and much more …

By the time we are 50 years old, our bodies produce only 20% of the amount of hGH we produced at 20 years, and signs of “ageing” well and truly have started to appear. Through positive lifestyle changes we are able to slow the decline and even boost growth hormone levels, to assist with fat metabolism, amongst other things.

Relaxation and exercise are key

Vital to anyone of this age seeking fat loss is stress reduction. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has a negative impact on the amount of Growth Hormone you produce. So prioritising restorative activities, reducing stress factors in your life, and improving your capacity to deal with stress is essential. The quantity and quality of sleep also has an influence on hGH production, fat loss and vitality.

Exercising at the right intensity can help to optimise hGH levels. A good strategy would be to perform three to five short “metabolic” sessions per week, where at least 10 minutes is high intensity so you get sweaty, increase your heart rate, and “feel the burn”. The maximum workout time should be between 20 and 30 minutes, so keeping it short and sweet is key.

Power Plate training offers a time effective way to get “bang for buck”. Heart rate increases, metabolic burn can be reached, anabolic hormones released, and nothing beats the stress-reducing massage on the Power Plate machine. Sweet.

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Power Plate women's wellness

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