Movement is Medicine

People are more aware than ever of the overlapping nature of physical and mental health and wellness. This is especially noticeable in how we talk about exercise and its benefits, which has changed significantly. More people see exercise as a necessity for mental/emotional wellness than in the past, and more people seem to be actually doing it, embracing the philosophy that exercise or movement is medicine.

Exercise provides a one-two punch as both a physical and mental health remedy and is the treatment of choice for anxiety and stress, but it helps to go wider than just exercise and talk about ‘movement’.

As human beings our physiology is driven by movement, in all forms from the internal ‘subconscious’ rhythm of the heartbeat, to cleaning our teeth, walking up the stairs, making our morning coffee and of course more formal ‘exercise’ like running, going to the gym or playing sports.


Vibration is movement and movement is medicine

Movement stimulates the brain, particularly where novely, variablity and cognitive challenge is included. It thus provides a wealth of both physical as well as mental health benefits.

Power Plate facilitates more movement by stimulating more muscles more often. This increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic flow and also challenges the body’s sensory system (proprioceptors), improving coordination and balance.


If you haven’t discovered it yet, Power Plate whole body vibration is the ultimate time efficient, evidence-backed solution to maximize many of the physiological benefits required to combat stress, boost circulation, increase lymphatic flow, positively influence hormonal response while increasing metabolic demand as a result of greater body-wide muscle activation. 

As little as 3-5 minutes of Power Plate use each day can bring significant benefits and begin to fight back some of the well documented negative implications of stress, including cognitive decline, weight gain or loss, circulatory problems and musculoskeletal issues, all of which can have a  positive effect on our overall physical and mental health and that of our immune system. 

The vibrations trigger rapid muscle contractions that burn energy, build strength, and shunt blood and lymph through the body. These neuromuscular responses affect the body on a neurological level, inlcudes the neural pathways that control movement. On a micro- and macro- level – vibration is movement, and movement is medicine.


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