When it comes to your fitness aspirations, there’s a small margin between your current performance level and your full potential.

Everyone wants to be better at something. It might be finsihing a race, it might be improving your PB. We all have a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Power Plate can help you close this gap between your “good” and your “great”.

Athletes all over the world know that preparation and recovery are key to any training session or event. Power Plate is a quick and highly effective way to warm up before your workout, and recover afterwards.

Using Power Plate to activate your body before your activity can increase the muscle temperature, hydrate the soft tissues, increase mobility, and get the nervous system fired up. Ready for any activity, and with a reduced injury risk.

Strength conditioning on the Power Plate machine is time efficient and extremely effective, due to increased neuromuscular activation and increased muscle recruitment – more muscles doing more things more often.

Flushing using Power Plate after an activity increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and circulation. This allows your muscles to recover faster, promotes relaxation, gets your body into a para-sympathetic “Rest and Recover state” and reduces post-activity muscle soreness and tightness.