Small Group Training Workshop – Release 4 – 4th April 2020

$ 345.00

  • For licensed Power Plate Small Group Training facilities UNLESS with prior approval by Power Plate (contact us – we’re happy to share the experience)
  • Licensees – Attendance for your First Trainer is covered in your subscription. Please use your individual 100% DISCOUNT to register your first trainer on this course
  • Subsequent trainers pay full fee

Designed by Laura Wilson, an ex-Les Mills choreographer, Power Plate is bringing you this Small Group Training programme to add to your class offerings – helping attract new members and retain existing ones. Transform your game using these carefully designed periodised programmes to excite your member database and maximize efficiency of your trainers, reducing time spent on programme design.

The 7 hour workshop ensures you have a good understanding of Power Plate Basics, teaches Group Instruction and Coaching techniques and Environment and Rapport building.

During the day you will experience all four of the Power Plate Small Group Training genres (BURN, STRONG, X and ZEN), learning regressions and progressions so you can help all clients reach success safely and effectively.

Practical assessment via teachback sessions during the day, building on your skill level from your previous attendance.